What Is a Tree Service?

Tree Service Irvine CA is a business that provides professional care for trees. They can help keep trees healthy by removing diseased or dead branches and using treatment solutions to prevent pests from infesting greenery.

Tree Service

They are experienced in working with dangerous equipment, carry liability insurance, and follow standardized safety practices. They can also provide references from local clients who have been satisfied with their work.

Trees are one of the most valuable features on any property. They add beauty, create a pleasant and calming environment, and protect from summer heat and winter storms. Unfortunately, they can also pose safety hazards when not properly maintained.

A professional tree service company offers preventative maintenance services to keep trees healthy and safe. This includes pruning, cleaning, and inspections for insects and disease. A professional arborist will look at the whole tree and its structure and provide proper care and treatments. This helps avoid costly repair and cleanup costs down the road.

The right maintenance can help a property’s trees grow healthy and beautiful for as long as possible. This is important because it can increase the value of your property. It can also keep your family and pets safe from potential injuries that could be caused by a falling branch or tree.

During regular maintenance, the professional will prune your trees to remove dead branches and reduce the risk of damage during storms. They will also reduce limbs that are too close to structures and utility wires. A professional can even help you choose the best tree for your property based on soil, sun, and elevation.

In addition, they can perform a variety of other services, such as removing stumps and root systems and removing dead or damaged trees. They can even install cables and braces to support and strengthen your trees. Lastly, they can also perform emergency tree removal services if needed.

Keeping trees on your property is an important investment that can make a big difference in the beauty and value of your home or business. A well-maintained landscape with beautiful and healthy trees will increase the value of your home or business and improve the quality of life for you and your family. Contact a professional tree service company to schedule an appointment today. They can give you a free estimate and recommend the right preventative maintenance services for your property. It’s always better to invest in your trees now than to deal with expensive damages later.

Emergency Services

Whether it is a diseased or damaged tree, a precariously hanging branch, or a fallen trunk, a qualified arborist can address all types of emergency situations. They will work to restore the stability of the tree and protect the surrounding property. They will also be able to handle insurance claims on your behalf.

A fallen tree can pose a safety risk to the people in the surrounding area, especially if it comes down on a home or vehicle. A skilled tree service will make the tree safe before cutting it up and removing it from the site. They will also provide stump grinding and clean-up services after the tree is removed.

Sometimes, a tree is too sick to save and must be removed. Symptoms like holes in the bark or discolored leaves indicate that a tree is struggling. It may also be prone to falling in the future.

Sick trees can detract from the overall beauty of your landscape. They can also lower your property’s value and turn away potential buyers. In addition, they can create a fire hazard or block access to roads and sidewalks. A skilled arborist will assess the condition of your trees and recommend treatment or removal.

If a tree is in close proximity to power lines, it is considered an emergency. Depending on the type of damage and location of the power lines, it could be a life-threatening situation. A professional tree service will know how to safely remove a tree from the ground or lower it using cables and bracing.

Other emergencies include trees that obstruct traffic or cause tripping hazards on sidewalks. These situations can be extremely dangerous for pedestrians, especially if the tree falls onto a car or other structure. It’s important to call a tree service as soon as possible to remove the dangerous branches and restore the safety of the surrounding area.

Homeowners often try to tackle tree emergencies on their own, thinking they can save on the cost of hiring a professional. However, this can be very dangerous and lead to expensive property damage or even death. It is not worth the risk to attempt a DIY job without proper training and commercial-grade equipment.


One of the best ways to find a trustworthy tree service is to do research online. Look for a company with positive reviews and an excellent reputation in the local community. You can also ask your neighbors and friends for recommendations. Beware of companies that advertise door-to-door, as these are often scam artists who prey on vulnerable homeowners. Make sure the company you hire is accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

A professional tree service will take the time to understand your needs and answer any questions you may have. They will scour the area where the tree will fall to ensure nothing is in danger of being crushed or that it won’t touch live electrical wires. They will also check the bark and roots for signs of disease. Look for flaking or fungus, which are common symptoms of a sick tree.

If you are considering hiring a tree service, be sure to compare estimates from several different companies. Ask about their insurance coverage, and make sure you get a copy of the policy directly from their insurer. This will help protect you in case anything goes wrong during the job. Additionally, make sure the company you hire carries workers’ compensation and general liability insurance.

For more than 100 years, Bartlett has been helping people with their trees and shrubs. They specialize in horticulture, and their staff is always on the lookout for new practices that will benefit green spaces. The company has over 100 offices across the states, and they provide residential and commercial services as well as utility line clearing and maintenance.

Tree Service has been in business for over a century and provides both residential and commercial services. The company specializes in pruning, tree removal, and planting, and its customers include utility, private, and government clients. The company also offers hazard assessment, consultation, and emergency storm response.


Tree service is a hazardous occupation that requires special training and the use of proper equipment. The dangers of working with trees include falling from high heights, electrocution from contact with downed power lines, and being injured by felled or dropped tree branches. Some tree trimmers and workers on the ground are also at risk of getting poison ivy or being stung by insect stings. To prevent these hazards, all workers should wear safety gear and follow the recommendations of their employer and the equipment manufacturer.

To keep tree trimming safe, employees should carefully inspect the area and the condition of each tree before starting work. They should mark off the area around the tree to prevent bystander access and ensure that they are not working over a roadway. They should also avoid attempting to work in wet, icy, or windy weather conditions. In addition, they should regularly sharpen their tools and inspect and test their fall protection and other equipment to make sure it is in good working order.

When they are performing trimming, workers should wear gloves to protect their hands from cuts and splinters and protective eyewear to reduce the risk of falling debris. In addition, they should not rely on a single branch for support and should move slowly and deliberately. They should never climb a tree without a harness and line and should be trained in climbing techniques. They should also be aware of the signs and signals that indicate that a tree is in trouble, such as a leaning trunk or broken limbs.

While removing a tree, workers should wear heavy-duty work gloves to protect their hands from cuts, splinters, and other injuries. They should also wear a hard hat to protect their heads from falling twigs, branches, or other debris. Workers should also be alert at all times and always stay in communication with each other to identify potential hazards.

Thousands of workers are injured or killed each year in the United States while performing tree care and removal tasks. Many of these deaths and injuries are caused by falls, electrocution, or being struck by branches or fallen trees. To prevent these risks, all workers should receive specific training in the safe handling of trees and proper pruning techniques. They should also be familiar with the locations of buried power lines, storm-damaged or unstable trees, and other hazards.

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